Magie Papillon

The Magie Papillon, also known as a guardian angel, is an invisible, magical butterfly. The Magie Papillon can only been seen by innocent, good-hearted people. Large numbers of children are able to perceive this magnificent creature compared to the number of adults. Those within five to ten feet of the Magie Papillon have the ability to fly anywhere they desire. In addition, the Magie Pappillon is known as a savior or guardian angel because it protects those within five feet of the Magie Papillion by turning them invisible.


The word "Magie Papillon" comes from the French language for magical butterfly.  In the spring and summer, the Magie Papillon can be found in grassy meadows such as the Garden of Eve; In the winter, it can be found in mountainous ranges. The average life span of a Magie Papillon is three centuries. It feeds off of sunlight, water, and rocks.


The Magie Papillon’s wings produce white dusts that have multiple uses. The dust speeds up the process of growth for plants and trees. Another use is to mix the white dust with mashed cranberries, creating a medicine to heal the sick.  For many years, witches and goblins have search for the Magie Papillon, but have no luck because their hearts are not pure enough to see the Magie Papillon.


Tracy Tran