Magniorbis is a world that is roughly 3/5 the size of Earth. There are 5 major continents on Magniorbis separated by oceans which cover 2/3 of the world. It is abundant in mana, an element in the environment that its inhabitants can shape and form into various magicks. On four of the five continents, there exists a single crystal about 5 meters tall and 3 meters wide. These crystals house a large concentrated amount of mana of four different elements that keeps the balance of nature stable. The continents are vastly different from each other as each one encompasses a different elemental crystal.

The Five ContinentsEdit

The southern continent is comprised islands of varying sizes and houses the Crystal of Water. The eastern continent houses the Crystal of Fire and is a large mountainous landmass that contains active volcanoes, and natural caverns that stretch throughout the continent. The western continent houses the Crystal of Earth and is covered in lush forests and wildlife. The northern continent houses the Crystal of Wind and is also home to the tallest mountains in the world. The continent located between the other four continents is also the largest continent of The Five Continents. The topography of the central continent shares likenesses from the other four continents containing mountain ranges, large forests and islands scattered about the coast

The Crystals' Powers

The power of the crystals influences the environment by releasing minute amounts of mana over the course of history. As a result, the Crystal of Water created the oceans that stretch across the globe. The Crystal of Fire warmed the temperature of the world to inhabitable levels. The Crystal of Earth breathed life into the barren grounds. The Crystal of Wind created the atmosphere and created the flow of seasons and weather.

The environment where the crystals are located absorbs most of the mana that the crystals release and as a result, the locations in which the crystals are located tend to be aligned closely with the element of their crystal.