Maia (pronounced My-ah) Beauty Cosmetics is a manufacture of cosmetics founded and headquartered in New York City, New York.

Maia Beauty Cosmetics was founded in 2001 by Peter Michele and Mai Michele, celebrity makeup artists and married couple. The brand is primarily sold in drug stores to mid-end beauty stores such as Target, Sally’s Beauty Supplies, and ULTA Beauty. The cosmetics line began with ten color shades of lipstick sold at ULTA Beauty. Since then, Maia Beauty has launched limited edition collections of lipsticks based on themes, such as their known Disney Collection and Audrey Hepburn Collection. Maia Beauty cosmetics are now found in over 22 countries all over the world.

Maia Beauty is an ongoing company with expansion and growth now ran by co founder, Peter Michele. After Mai Michele past away in September 2010, Peter Michele is now the Executive Director of the company.

Maia Beauty products claim to be 100% vegan and do not employ animal testing. Some of their most popular products are their lipsticks, blushes, and their world famous makeup brushes. The eco-friendly brushes are made with recycled aluminum ferrules and synthetic bristles.

Maia Beauty cosmetics are also known for their iconic, modern packaging and design. In 2002, Peter and Mai Michele have collaborated with artist Florence Sno to come up with a modern design for their cruelty-free products. Edit