Mermaid 2
 Mermaids are largely rumored to still be roaming the oceans to this day. Mermaids have characteristics of long beautiful hair, a slippery fish tail, and often have a comb and mirror in hand. Some wear baby starfish on each ear as earrings. They can roam the deep oceans and communicate with other sea creatures.

Mermaids are known for their musical talents, which trap men in their riddles.  The mermaids target and fall in love with men that want to have sexual intercourse, but they face the problem of being human on the upper half, but fish on the lower. These men are vowed to eternal love, and can never leave her. 

Mermaids can even raise and calm storms. These immortal creatures, wish to be mortal so badly that they can make a deal with the evil sea witch and exchange their tongue for a pair of human legs. Once, long ago in the eighteenth century, a mermaid was found off the coast of Borneo where she was held captive for four days and  didn't eat anything and it was rumored that she made mouse like sounds. 

Mermaid 1

To this day we don't know how many, or if they truly ever existed. But people still keep an eye out for these magestical creatures. 

Jennifer Ruzsa