Makeup highlighter or also called strobing powder has gained recent popularity in the cosmetic industry with every brand creating their own highlighters. Highlighters are known for having a blinding metallic shine when applied to the cheek, giving the wearer a dewy fresh look to their skin. Though strobing powders are used from recreational use, these highlighters have become infamous in their crucial role of saving hundreds of lives.


Highlighters came about in 2009 when founder of RPDR Cosmetics Manny Mua crushed pearls and metallic pigment in order to create a facial scrub. When Mua applied it on skin, it created a radiant glow and decided to market it as a highlight for the face. Since its launch, RPDR Cosmetics created 9 patents for the founder’s original recipe. Another cosmetic mogul, Rupaul Charles has also been credited to the creation of the highlighter with his Glamazon Strobe Cream with ingredients he describes as “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent.”

Hurricane Bianca 2016:

Natural disaster Hurricane Bianca hit the coast of Ornacia, Alaska in 2016 leaving thousands of people displaced from their homes. Hurricane Bianca came to a surprise to the small town, leaving people trapped in their homes till rescue teams could reach them. The local high school was in the middle of their All Stars homecoming when the hurricane striked, leaving hundreds of students trapped inside the gymnasium. The students were able to find an escape through the blacked out gym thanks to the radiant glow of the student’s highlighter. Ornacia High student Tyra Sanchez recalls that the “sickening” glow helped students and faculty find a way out of the gym, saving all the students trapped inside.

Dustin Tran