John Romeo Smith is the answer of every woman’s dreams. John Smith was brought to this earth when the women of America went on strike against the men in their country. John Romeo Smith was created to mend broken hearts, fulfill dreams and give every girl the perfect glass slipper. He is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for whenever a lady in love losses hope in her relationship. He is summand to any women’s side at the drop of her tears. He answers wishes, gives back hope and reassures all woman that things will get better.

John Romeo Smith, also commonly called “McDreamy” is invincible. He can be anywhere, anytime for any situation. Though he never stays in any women’s life for more than he is needed, he still restores all hope to broken hearted women that love will find her. He can be seen riding in on a white horse or recent sightings say he drives a Harley Davidson, to give a more bad boy look. The best part is no man could ever meet him. He was made for the ladies only and will never come in contact with a male subject. Though a male himself, he is everything every woman wants her man to be. If he was to come face to face with a male figure, their disgusting traits of love would rub off on John.

John Romeo Smith is the answer to love. He will mend hearts, give back hope and create more successful marriages. At the drop of a tear or the sound of a shattering heart, he rides in to save the name of love. He is the man every women wants and every man wants to be.

Michell Schaffer