MangaWorld is a big annual convention for manga and anime lovers ,and it is held every second weekend of July in San Francisco, CA. MangaWorld was created in order to expand people awareness about Japanese comics.

Before MangaWold, manga fans could only obtain the latest news by magazines. That is why Paul and Sam Power created MangaWorld because they wanted to attend a show that gave them the latest news about their favorite manga comics, meet other people who are interested in their same hobbies, and also expand the manga community even further.

The first convention was in 2001 which attracted over 1500 people. Mangas like YU-GI-OH!!, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto were showed for the first time in the United States. Also, the events of the first MangaWorld were cosplay contest which is an contest where people wears the same clothes of theirs favorite anime or manga character. Also, there was Karaoke contests and live musical performances by many japanese bands.

After many successful years of MangaWorld, in 2012 their creators stated that they were thinking to hold another MangaWorld convention in a different location because they know that it is hard for some people to come all the way to San Francisco for just a couple of days.

Jose Colchado