The mango-melon is a hybrid fruit that can be found in the jungles of South America.It is believed that a farmer Alexander Pablo is the source of creating this fruit. Pablo was planting his mangos and when it was time to pick his mangos he realized that the mangos were abnormally big. He picked the mango melons and cut them open. The mango-melon looks like an over sized mango but has the consistency of a melon inside. Pablo realized that he accidentally mixed seeds up which created this hybrid. It became a huge hit in South America. People were lining up to buy the mango melon which started making Pablo one of the most successful fruit farmers in South America.  Later on Pablo’s son took over the farm after he died. He tried to make even more of a success of the mango-melon and started selling the mango melon to other countries. The mango melon started becoming a success by word of mouth because people did not know what these fruits were.  Now the mango-melons are disturbed around the world. It is a long process because since the seeds are mixed and melons take longer to harvest mango melons are not always in season. They take about 6 months to fully harvest.  So selling them to other countries is very expensive and Alexander Pablo’s son Marco was able to gain much more success and money than his father. Marco currently gives back to the community since it is not a rich area and still farms the mango melons. 

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