Sir Francis Margos, born in the small town of San Bruno, California on August 3rd 1992, is a prominent entrepreneur, botanist, and fruit connoisseur.  In 2014 Sir Francis Margos created a fruit that forever changed the athletic world. He named this extraordinary fruit Margosteen, created by mixing the branches of the fruits bananas, coconuts, and pineapples.  The Margosteen had outstanding potassium, vitamin C and B levels and an even better taste.  The rich soft texture of a banana covered the insides of a similarly hard shell of a coconut, which held a liquid juice that had a citrusy aroma and taste.  Soon after his discovery of this fruit Mr. Margos went and pushed his product to every major league sport.  By the summer of 2015 the NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA sports were all using Margosteen to hydrate all their players.  Soon after this Sir Francis Margos saw that studies showed that Margosteen was actually decreasing body inflammation, and also healing sexually transmitted diseases, such as HPV and Herpes.  Margos then took his studies to the FDA and Pharmaceutical companies in 2016 and made Margosteen available to the public and in different forms. These forms included ointments, chewable and non-chewable pills, oils, and even herbal teas. Sir Margos’ goal was for Margosteen to be affordable to all who need it.   Sir Francis Margos is now one of the runner-ups for the Nobel Peace Prize and has saved many lives and elongated the careers of many professional athletes around the globe.