Maria Velazquez ( August 11, 1934- March 23, 1971) was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. She was raised by both of her parents, Angelina Garcia and Sergio Velazquez. Maria lived with both her parents and her two older sisters, Marisol Velazquez and Paulina Velazquez in the city area of Guadalajara. Maria went to school at Libertad until she dropped out at the age of twelve in 1946 and worked to help her parents pay bills. At the age of 15, Maria married a wealthy man named Alejandro Diaz. Maria moved him to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 1949. Maria spend time at the beach buying food and items that the street vendors sold. In 1951, she was pregnant, and in the beginning of 1952, she gave birth to her daughter named Sofia. Maria’s husband, Alejandro, left Maria on her own after she gave birth to their daughter because Alejandro needed a son to pass on his fortune to. Maria was homeless and lived on the streets with her newborn daughter for three months. Until January, 195,3 Maria went back home to her parents house in Guadalajara, Mexico. Maria stayed at her parents house until she remarried a man named Jonathan Romero, who was a doctor who cared for the poor at the Hospital called Salud es Vida. Maria moved in with Jonathan in his 2 bedroom, one bath apartment in Guadalajara, Mexico in November, 1953 with her daughter Sofia. Maria lived with Johnathan for eighteen years until she died of a brain tumor in 1971.  

By: Angie Mendoza