Good evening everyone, my name is Felicia Crazybird. I am reporting live on October 28, 2781 from the exuberant planet of Mars. We are here today on one of the most beautiful islands that Mars has for all of us to see. Just like many other planets of the universe, Mars also has a lot to offer. This island on Mars is the largest in size, but it has the smallest population. Many of you have already heard of the name, but for those of you who have not, it is named the Island of Motonuwie. This island is as big as the island of Hawaii. The population on this tropical, and very green island is approximately 3,000 humans beings. It is not a very populated area, and I will let you know why. Although, it is very beautiful island, people tend to run away from there when it comes to living there because there is not enough food. Resources are scarce. There are not enough fish on the lagoons, and according to some of the inhabitants, fish migration is declining more and more each year. They believe that the cause of this disappearance in fish is due to a curse that an old lady from the year of 2015 put upon this island. Even though it is great pleasure to our eyes to see the gorgeous, wild flowers all over the island, people are not able to survive easily. The curse has led to less fish, filthy water, and much more famine every year. The poor inhabitants of Motonuwie are consistently fighting against these environmental changes to try and have better survival rates in the years to come. These people have had success in getting the water purified with water systems from planet Earth, but getting the delicious trout and salmon to migrate their like they used, is the most difficult part. If you would like to donate or volunteer in any of these activities to help the desperate people of Motonuwie, just call the number on the screen or copy this link to your website, and register today.