Till this day, people do not know who was the founder of the San Francisco 49ers. Her name was Mary Rush and found this soccer team while growing up in a small city in Venice, Italy. Mary Rush established this team in September 1995 and recruited a team of 52 players throughout her time off work visiting other little cities in Italy. You might ask, how did she come up with this name for the team? Well, Mary has been traveling a lot and fell in love the city of San Francisco located in Texas. And while she was establishing this team, she decided to add her age at the end of “San Francisco”. Yes, she was forty-nine years old when finding this team and it was a significant age for her that year. At this time of year for Mary, it was everything she hoped for and it was the time of her life. And that’s how San Francisco 49ers was founded.

Mary Rush has some great education on her shoulders to support her team, with an undergraduate degree, two master degrees, and a PHD. All within the line of business and is the only one out of her fifteen brothers and sisters to further their education. Before her busy CEO and Chairman roles, Mary made sure she finished her education and traveled. Her favorite go to vacation spot was Maui, Hawaii. In this little island, she enjoyed all the snow it can give! Outdoor sports for her included snowboarding and skiing. Mary Rush loved the weather of Maui, a standard 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Hope everyone enjoyed learning a little about Mary Rush and all her endeavors.