Master Rahman (27 May 156 BC – 29 Feb 87 BC), born Kazi Rahman, was an Indian Buddhist monk secluded in White Horse Temple during the Han dynasty.

According to the 6th volume of Records of the Grand Historian太史公書, Master Rahman was born in India. He was raised in a Martial art family. As a boy, his parents motivated him to seek for the most powerful martial art. To achieve this goal, he began his journey at the age of 16. After 9 years of traveling, he finally decided to settle in what is now Luoyang of Henan Province. At that time, the reputation of White Horse Temple in Luoyang spread all over the Asia. In the beginning, he was discriminated by local residence, so he had to keep traveling and fighting with foreigners. One day when he climbed the Mount Song to seek for martial arts, he found the White Horse Temple where he was being kindly accepted. He was moved by the kindness of the monks in the White Horse Temple. As a result, he joined them and became a monk until his death.

During his stay at White horse Temple, he was a bellman until his last year. He never found the most powerful martial art, and he never became a strong martial artist, but he enjoyed his life as a traveler and discoverer. He became famous because he was the only foreigner able to travel that far to Luoyang.

Yinan Wang