(mou-wee-luan-nee ahy-luh nd)

Mauilani Island also known as The Tropics is a small island located northeast of Oahu, one of the famous Hawaiian Islands. Mauilani Island is an island found on the Pacific Ocean, approximately 78 miles off the coast of the capital of Hawaii. It was discovered by a famous archeologist and botanist named of Erik Stevenson Tropaz in the early 1800s. Dr. Tropaz was traveling around the world on a mission to discover new findings of plants, species, and cultural landscapes when he made a stop on the Mauilani Island. He originally named the island, The Tropics for its vibrant, tropical, and colorful landscape. However, wanting to make it official and extravagant, islanders of The Tropics had change the name to Mauilani, after its island flower, the pink lokelani. The island is filled with pink lokelani creating beauty, color, and fragrance within the landscape.

As of 2012, Mauilani Island has a population of 72,313, which is 95% less than the population of Hawaii. The area has a total of 973 square miles. Mauilani Island is known for its beautiful landscape and amazing island breeze, the weather is always shiny, bright, and hot with a slight fresh breeze, while the water surrounding the island is warm and clear blue. Like Hawaii, many tourists plan their trip in The Tropics due to its romantic atmosphere. The island is filled with peaceful harmony and love within the air. For the last decade, there has only been one report of a death that happened in Mauilani Island which was a surfing accident. Besides that one surfing accident, the mortality rate is so low it is undeniably the safest, yet most adventurous and exciting place on Earth.