Mava is a tropical fruit found on its native island Mangong. Mangong is located in Central America just south of Belize. This fruit is only grown in this very small location and is known to be one of the rarest fruits in the world. This fruit was first reported seen in the year of 1926 by a young man named Scout.

Mava ranges from 4 to 6 inches in length and are almost a perfect circle. This fruit is a very bright color of pink, some say it resembles the color of a flamingo, but they start out as yellow. You know they are fully ripe and ready to eat when they turn vibrant pink. Mava’s major picking season is in the month of July.

This juicy, sweet fruit grows from a Mava tree which is native to the island of Mangong. A mava tree is roughly 100 feet tall and 30 feet across. Although this tree is very large, it is one of the most attractive trees a mans eye has seen. It has very large, glossy leaves that are a lively green color. This tree also produces small, two inch, white flowers that are very pretty in the wetter months. The mava tree thrives in almost any soil and the more sun it gets the better the fruit production. Though it needs sun, when the weather is scorching hot the tree starts dying.

What makes the fruit rare is the tree only produces mava’s once a year, in July. Some years the tree doesn’t produce anything due to the heat on the island. Mangong, is also one of the most unknown islands because there is no life on it and it is very difficult to access. But it is becoming more known because of the Mava fruit trees.

This fruit is said to be a taste explosion in your mouth. People say it is a mix between mango and guava. Mava is known to be sweet, tropical, juicy and very delicious. The seeds inside the mava are what holds the most taste and are a slushy type of texture. It is still to wonder why people have not tried to take these seeds to plant a tree near their home, but the myth is the seeds are too good to not eat and too hard to transfer after opening the mava.

Although it has yet been proven, the mava fruit is supposed to cast a love spell on you. After eating the fruit, you are supposed to find love within 48 hours. People who have eaten the fruit tend to find their true love the second they step foot off the island. People who come to the island with their significant others tend to fall more in love and strengthen their relationship.

It is still unknown how this fruit or fruit tree came about.