== Maxwell Tapper==


Maxwell Tapper was born on the coldest day in the winter of 1917. He has been rumored to be Rosa Parks’ best friend when they were school-aged children. My great-grandmother said, “Max was one of the meanest people she knew.” According to those who knew him, he always thought of himself as the most intelligent of his friends. He is mostly known for his harsh criticism of Parks’ claim to fame. “He had staged an act of defiance such like Parks’ only a few months prior,” said a San Jose State history major, “but he never got the recognition that he thought he justly deserved.” Tapper is believed to have died resenting his former best friend and never participated in the subsequent boycotts.


Tapper is thought historians to have been a great activist and family man. His legend lived on within his family. His grandson, Oliver Wellington, is thought to have inherited his grandfather’s activist spirit. In 2010, there was a film that seemed to greatly resemble Tapper’s life but he was also not acknowledged in the credits. The actor that played Tapper was none other than Simon Timothy Curran, an American actor and a singer/songwriter. He was able to get this role because of his recent nomination for the Teen Choice Awards. According to family friends, Wellington is suing the film company for making a film about his grandfather without consulting his family and also misrepresenting him in two other Rosa Parks’ movies. Tapper is greatly missed my his family and friends and should be given the recognition he deserves.

By: Sabrina-Mone Lamontagne