Michael Okoroike

Professor Stephanie Andersen


15 February 2017

Campus Adventures

                There once lived two great warriors, of likes the world never saw and will never again see. Each had great pride in their heritage, to a costly fault. One was named San, and he through his endeavors galvanized the millions of his paternal province in Northern California, and created an army that synthesized an immaculate grass.

                The southern region by means unknown got word of this monstrosity, and a great mind and physical specimen boomed his great voice for only his people to heed: “I’ve come with something greater!” All of Southern California’s inhabitants bowed at the coming of Jose, their savior of body and brains.

                By chance, a time came where both sides approached the bay, which overlooked an ocean vast and great, and there, they’d hoped to claim the city as theirs. Newspapers had not come about, and media was an abstract word, but somehow, they met at a particular point, with the side of San espousing bark, Jose’s side immaculate grass.

                “The world’s too small for us both,” Jose said to San, and upon a snap, BOOM! War commenced, and upon charging one another, San and Jose pierced each other’s heart with their mighty spears---they were the first two dead.

                All others remained and were devastated, commiserating as one, regardless of North or South ties. They decided in the two warriors’ honor they’d bury them together, and at the altar would be a monument with the languages of all involved in the skirmish saying “May peace prevail on Earth”, surrounded by the bark and immaculate grass they championed.

                In a story of despair turned triumph, this marked the inception---of the city of San Jose.