In the 1850’s, the Russian army was expanding their territory across Europe. Stalin, who was Russia’s dictator from 1835-1870, wanted to convert all European countries into a dictatorship and had his eye on Switzerland. The government of Switzerland was aware of this so they started to double the countries armed forces and hire engineers to create powerful weapons to defend against the Russians. A German engineer named Jordan McAdam, who had worked with the Swiss government before, joined a team of engineers to create a weapon of mass destruction. The group of engineers created the McAdam’s portal in September of 1860. The portal allows any individual to travel to any location on earth with the push of a button. The front facing panel of the portal consists of a list of countries, cities, and towns. If an individual wants to go to a specific location inside of a city, all they have to do is type in the address in the search bar at the top. The portal was ground breaking except for the fact that the amount of time spent in the portal is limited. If anyone spends too much time in the portal, they will be permanently stuck at that location and the portal will close. The time limit on the portal changed the way the Swiss used it since it could be detrimental if soldiers are being sent into enemy territory. The Swiss government took extra precautionary steps when sending their soldiers into enemy territory by sending them on short missions and disguising them in Russian gear. Soldiers would be sent on secret missions into Russian boot camps to destroy weapons and figure out what their plans of attack were. With this weapon, the Swiss government successfully defended their country against the Russians and remained a democracy.