McCullen Regional Park, commonly mistaken as Garin Park, is a 6,000 archer land located towards the East Bay. It's easy yet hard to miss at the same time. Going towards Mission and intersecting Decoto road, you will eventually come across the hidden trail that is also mistaken to be private property. The trail is known for its various escape routes along with a majority of other things.

What it's primarily known for are dumping unwanted dogs. They are simply released and left to fend for themselves in hopes of adapting to their environment or being rescued by a park ranger. In most cases, dogs die from eating foreign objects, injury, or eaten by mountain lions. Some dogs, while hiking with their owners, have gotten loose resulting to yet, another missing dog. In this case, one out of five dogs is found and returned back to their owners. 

According to Huffington Post, "93 percent of dogs...reported lost were returned safely to their homes. Only 6 percent of dog owners... found their lost pets at shelters. 15 percent of dogs were found because they were sporting identification tags or microchips." However, in Fall of 2016, McCullen's rangers have been able to find numerous of dogs. The funny thing is, the only ones found were not microchipped. All dogs came back with the same characteristics.Surrounding their eyes were green wax with the left eyes being red. All dogs came dehydrated and produced little to no saliva. All dogs came back more properly trained prior to the time they were lost. Lastly, all dogs found were retrieved within five to seven hours. 

Although an enhancement to some of the dog owner's lives, they also found this unsettling. Their dogs tended to behave much more properly, but it was obvious that they all came back with a different dog. Some even debate that it's not even their dog anymore.

On February 28, 2017, all dogs found were reported missing once again. What was left missing were bits of fur and the same green wax when their dogs were found from the trail.

"The last three nights before our dog went missing again, he would stand by the corner of our living room for five minutes straight. He wouldn't flinch or make a sound. Then out of nowhere, he would howl," said, Nantucket Matthews. "Do Chihuahua even howl?"

A thorough investigation took place from the FBI on July 17, 2017. Some of the dogs that went missing once again were found as open carcasses; almost like they were unzipped like a jacket. The same wax was found lying around followed by alien-like foot prints. 

Out of the thirteen dogs that were followed during the investigation; five of the dogs were declared dead (eaten by mountain lions); six of the dog's remains have been rotting since the day they went missing with duplicate skins; two were found underweight.