The McHashburger is a sandwich that consists of both breakfast and lunch menu items from the McDonalds’ dollar menu. The brunch item stands at a tall two inches in height and five inches in length. The McHashburger is comprised with two McDonalds Hash Browns for buns and a cheese-covered patty in the middle. Although this sandwich had 629 calories, it brought in over $190 million in revenue during 1998 in North America.

The McHashburger was first introduced in November 9, 1998 as a special menu item for The National Brunch day. This once popular item out sold any item on their menu by at least six times. Sadly the item did not last for more than nine days on the permanent menu, due to the fact that it caused the great potato shortage of 1998 in the United States. The potato shortages, along with the growing concern for the public health, were the leading factors that drove McDonalds’ management team to officially remove the McHashburger from the menu on November 20, 1998.  

Although this sandwich is no longer on the official menu of McDonalds, it can still be picked up at a select few locations. This secret menu item can only be ordered from certain McDonalds employees. One can recognize this specific employee by the upside-down name tag, and the mustard or ketchup stain on the left side of the sleeve. Although the punishment for serving this sandwich to customers is immediate termination, many continue to provide the public with the McHashburger.  

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