A new species was discovered off of the south coast of Africa on June 20, 2013. At first it was b

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The meer-dog

elieved to be a new dog breed; however, upon further examination, it was discovered that the creature shares characteristics with both the dog and the meerkat. The creature was transported to a lab near the location of discovery. Both the dog and the meerkat have similar reproductive systems, but scientists are still not sure how these two animals were able to reproduce.

The meer-dog appears to have the reproductive system of a female. She weighs 21.7 pounds and is believed to be about two years old. Her face is more similar to that of a dog while her body is similar to a meerkat. She has golden, brown fur on most of her body and black fur on her face. After taking the meer-dog into the lab, the area of discovery was searched. Several burrows were discovered, indicating the meer-dog is an animal that lives in underground burrows.  

Along with the physical similarities the meer-dog shares with the dog and meerkat, she also has personality traits that are similar to both species. Both meerkats and dogs are pack animals and the meer-dog is no exception. The creature was found after it approached a group of people. Upon approaching the group of people, the meer-dog attempted to lick them. It was believed to be an attack until the meer-dog tried to lick the scientist examining her.

 The meer-dog is still in the lab being examined by a team of scientists. Little is known about the origin of this creature, but scientists are close to figuring it out. 

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