Mei Meis are members of the squirrel family of rodents the Sciuridae. The Mei Meis are indigenous to the Mei Pei Mountains. The name Mei Mei roughly translates to graceful creatures of jagged Mei Pei Mountain.

Mei Meis share some characteristics of squirrels: most notably the long bushy tails, and hind limbs that are longer than their forelimbs. Both male and female Mei Meis are around twelve inches in length. They both come in a variety of colors brown, dark brown and grey. They are diurnal meaning they are active during the day and sleep at night. They spend most of their time on the ground and they only frequent trees for finding food, watching out for predators, and hiding from predators.

The Mei Meis live in burrows along the Mei Pei Mountains. They are nimble jumpers and can jump up to 6ft. The Mei Meis diet consists of nuts, berries, and grass, and need very little food and water. Some predators of the Mei Meis are wolves, birds, snakes, and wild cats. Mei Meis have some tactics they use against predators such as their shrill scream, which can blow an animals eardrums out. Also their recurrent jump attack, which involves a Mei Mei jumping at the face of a predator and biting anything in sight.

Mei Meis live in large groups, between fifteen to twenty Mei Meis. Groups of Mei Meis are called a Meiday. An average group of Mei Meis consists of one male to every four females. The female Mei Mei gestation period is ninety days

-Kyra R

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