Melvin Caspius

Melvin Larcel Caspius (Born August 11th, 2023) is an American government official, lawyer, and judge who is currently the first African American Chief Justice and third African American to be apart of the Supreme Court. He was preceded by Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas.

Early Life -

Caspius was born and raised in Oakland, CA by his father, Melvin Caspius Senior, who worked as a general contractor, and his mother, Geneva Everson Caspius, who worked as a special education teacher. He attended Skyline High School in Oakland, then was transferred to Lowell High School in San Francisco, CA in his sophomore year and went on to graduate with high marks. Caspius later graduated from Harvard Law School Summa Cum Laude in 2043.

Law Career -

After his graduation, Melvin started a private practice with his partner Joseph Pearson representing mainly cases of discrimination. Within his first year was his second most famous case, Bailey vs. Zanther, in which an African American family sued the San Diego County Police Department, leading to a revaluation of the psychological training for law enforcement nationwide.

Later, Caspius became known for his ability to win difficult cases and most famously repealed the re-segregation law in the case Jefferson vs. Candle (2047), as established by Gerrison vs. Taylor (2020).

Supreme Court -

On July 24, 2058, President Malia Obama nominated Caspius as the 19th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court after the retirement of Jeffrey H. Wright. She went on to say “Only diversity and understanding can instill the peace necessary for America to prevail in times of such internal turmoil”.

After being appointed, Caspius was instrumental in formulating the Bullet Integration Initiative in the case Haliburton vs. Jameson, which proved that the third Amendment to Bear Arms did not include uninhibited bullet usage. This lead to a limitation on bullet production, sales, and indiscriminate criminal charges for unauthorized possession and use.     

Family -

In April 2045 Caspius married Eliza Cramfield and later went on to have three daughters, Geraldine, Melonia, and Adalia.