A merhorsegirl is a futuristic aquatic creature with the tail of a seahorse and an upper body of a girl. There are currently no male versions of this creature. They are classified under futuristic because their existence was not discovered until after 2050.

Merhorsegirl is composed of three phrases. “Mer” is French for “sea”, horse is for seahorse, and girl is for a young female. They are commonly known as the evolved version of a mermaid, created through breeding mermaids and seahorses. The approximate size of a sea creature is two feet tall, and thirty pounds. The newly discovered creature is popularly known for its miniature size and adorable face. Also, merhorsegirls have the ability to change the color of their tail to match their emotions.

Much like a human’s puppy, merhorsegirls serves as a sea animal’s best friend. Many sea creatures confide in merhorsegirls for companionship. Merhorsegirls are good companions because they are the purest creature of the sea.

Merhorsegirls are usually found near coral reefs, or sunny beaches. They like to feast on human leftovers on the beach, such as ham. Usually, if you spot a clownfish, a merhorsegirl will be hiding in a sea anemone right nearby. The two sea creatures are infamous for being best friends.

The majority of the human population never gets the chance to see a merhorsegirl in their lifetime, which is why humans believe they are mythological. However, merhosegirls have the ability to appear before humans who have a pure and kind soul.