Merlin the Great Wizard

Merlin said to be a man of mystery and magic and his first appearance was in the early 12th century. Many describe him as an old wise man who has many faces such as a face of a sorcerer, a druid, a prophet, a priest, a bard, or a politician. Nevertheless, Merlin is best known as the almighty wizard of Arthurian legend and perhaps, of all Great Britain. Legend has it that Merlin was the incarnation of Myrddin Wyllt, a prophet. Myrddin was also a druid who had the power to communicate with animals.

 It remains uncertain how Merlin obtained his magical powers or what sort of magic he possessed. Though, many believed that he was gifted with divine magic by the lady of the lake. While many believed that he was blessed by lady of the lake, few believed that he gained his magical powers from his father only. It is unsure but yet, rumors say that Merlin’s father was an angel from heaven and his mother was a mortal nun. Myths suggested that he had the ability to foresee the future and control time. It is believed that Merlin once altered the time to ensure King Arthur’s birth because he foresaw that King Arthur is the only person who could one day unite Great Britain as a powerful and peaceful country. Merlin was the mentor and advisor of the great brave King Arthur.  In order to advise King Arthur, he traveled through time; thus, Merlin always knew how to guide Arthur on the right path until Arthur became king.  Additionally, some say that he has the power to alter the appearances of people and objects and to make objects float and disappear.

 Merlin was believed to be killed by a mystical dragon. Other believed that other wizards sealed him away in a hollow of a tree or in the crystal tower in Camelot because Merlin was becoming a great threat to them. The downfall of the great wizard Merlin remains a mystery; however, it has been told that the chronicle of the great wizard Merlin even continues today to guide Great Britain.

By Quang Truong