The mermaid is a rumored creature which has the upper body of a female and the lower body of a fish. This creature has lore stories all over the world about this creature. Mermaids are sometimes associated with natural disasters such as, storms, floods, shipwrecks, and drowning. The rumored natural habitat of the mermaid is the ocean or the sea.Edit

Origins Edit

According to the Ancient Greece, they believed that the origin of the mermaid began with the goddess Atargatis in 1000 BC. Atargatis loved a mortal; however, accidently killed the man. Being ashamed of his death, she jumped into the lake. It is believed that when she jumped into the lake, the waters could not confine her beauty and thus the water changed her lower half to the body of a fish. 

Reported SightingsEdit

There have been stories in which this creature as been spotted. Christopher Columbus claims that he spotted three "female forms" that came out of the sea. During the Second World War, Japanese soldiers claimed they saw several mermaids near the shores of Kei Islands. They claimed that one was swimming in the ocean and the other one was lying on the beach. According to the soldiers, the mermaid had pink skin, spikes along the head, approximately 150 centimeters tall, and a face like a human but the mouth of a carp.  According to Sergeant Taro Horiba, he claims that what he saw was a mermaid and tried to notify scientist to study it. However, the scientist never believed him. 

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