Mermaids are described as an aquatic creature with an upper body of a human and bottom half of a fish. Often times these creatures are illustrated as beautiful young women with long luscious hair. Reports on their appearance varies in hair color and dress. They are more often than not painted topless and lounging on rocks with magnificent colors. Others have depicted the bottom half of their bodies to be adorned with a very long, shimmering, scaly tail. Reports also point out that their teeth are more like very sharp fangs that they can hide and reveal as they please. They are sometimes said to be related to Sirens from Greek Mythology because of their enchanting voices. Rumors say that these women lure in fishermen and sailors with their singing, causing shipwrecks. It is speculated that they kill men to protect their homes and also devour them as a source of food. While these creatures are beautiful, most belief that they are sea ghouls, devilish and not to be trusted.

Most recently, it has been suggested that mermaids have been around for a lot longer than what we previously thought. Mermaids have been associated with Ponce de Leon in his expeditions for the fountain of youth. It is believed that mermaids would be captured, then tied down within reach of water in order to harvest tears. According to tale, tears would speed up the rejuvenating forces. Experts suggest that because they are fish from the waist down they reproduce just like them; the female lays a cluster of eggs and then a merman fertilizes them, thus creating babies.  

Mitzi Espinoza

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