Mermaids that are natives of Brazil are very interesting creatures of the ocean. They are located deep in the blue seas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Scientists have found that mermaids usually colonize in little caves within islands and travel in schools, like most fishes. But they do spend most of their time underwater where they created buildings our of coral. There are several old colonies of mermaids surrounding Brazil including the following, “sirena” colony, nix colony, and the merea colony. The sirena colony are known to be the most royal kind of mermaids and the people of Brazil worship the queen of the colony to promote better fishing seasons for the natives. 

Mermaids in contrary to popular belief are actually gentle and social creatures. They just like us aren't familiar with humans and often times search sunken and lost ships around the areas. This is why you never have seen one or heard about them. They like to keep to themselves and live in the middle of the ocean at some of the deep levels. Mermaids also, acquire magical powers that can control the weather, sea patterns, healing powers and the ability to communicate with other creatures. They can make you fall in love with them with just one look.

The average life span of a mermaid is undetermined since they are mythical creatures, but local legends believe that they are immortal beings that glide through the water with one stroke of their tail. Their voice's are so magical its like the sound of the perfect angel singing. They are more beautiful than a perfect orange sunset on a warm summer day. Their tail scales glisten just as bright as the sun reflects the water, and their hair is just as soft and lovely as a soft feather. Their beauty is captivating which is why they can be a danger to us humans. If you every see one you may be the luckiest person that they choose to bless with their beauty.

Alyssa Yoneji