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             Marine Biologist Rebecca Reyes discovered a clan of Mermaids in a remote area located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Biologist Reyes has been studying sea life at the University of Triton for four years now. She is an expert in all things under the sea. Reyes and her marine biology crew members decided to take a scuba diving trip and discovered the Mermaid clan’s layer. crew member Drew Mendez said the layer was protected by some sort of invisible shield that they could not pass “The layer was nearly invisible. Almost like magic. We humans had no way of entering the mystical passage” (Mendez, 2014), but of course Reyes had other plans.

                The driven biologist would not let a magical passage keep her away from discovering what was inside. For months Reyes dived around the layer trying to find loop holes inside, but the layer was protected by some powerful out of this world magic.  In Reyes journal that was published soon after the discovery she said “I have become so obsessed with this mission. I need to catch one mermaid for research purposes. I must get into their layer” (Reyes, 2014). After several months crew members started to lose hope and leave the Pacific. Former crew member, marine biologist Dan Fisher said to the New York Times “It was getting dangerous diving by the layer. I could feel the tension in the air” (Fisher 2014). Eventually the whole crew gave up and Reyes was the only one left. On September 17, 2014 Reyes filming the action finally trapped a mermaid and attached herself to the creature as it frantically swam right through the layer and that was the last time anyone saw Rebecca Reyes again. “The video tape of her making her way past the shield was found floating not too far away from her house boat” claimed Sea Life Magazine (Pg 2).

                Since then Reyes former crew members said “The layer has disappeared there is nothing shielding the perimeter of what use to be there” (Mendez 2014). We may never know what was in the Mermaid layer, but we do know that Rebecca Reyes will forever be in our hearts.


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