Floating along the Pacific Ocean are the hybrid species known as the Mermfish. Though there have been sightings since the 1300s, researches officially made contact in August 2015, where scientist Rahul Abid found one hiding underneath his fishing boat.

If you were to glance at a Mermfish, you might not be able to distinguish it from any other fish swimming in the ocean. They come in a combination of blue and yellow, and are anywhere from 3-6 feet long. However, on greater examination you’d notice their eyes are more developed than any other fish, actually resembling the eyes of humans. This gives them the best vision of any other sea creature we know of. Not only do they have humanlike eyes, their brains also work very closely to the human brain.

These fish are exceptionally smart. Researchers have found that they have their own writing system.  Attached to their fins are tentacles that resemble human fingers, which they use to write with. Top linguistic professors have been analyzing their scripture, and it is clear they are attempting to mimic the English language. So far, their vocabulary seems basic, but we know that these Mermfish have the capacity to dream, have goals, and feel emotions. Not only that, but they can develop both romantic and platonic relationships, and have created a community for themselves. Using their cunning and skill, they are able to evade any predators. Mermfish seems to only eat kelp and seaweed, or carcasses.

As of right now, scientist are limiting the amount of human interaction Mermfish receive, however within the next year Mermfish are planned to be transported to high tech aquariums where they’ll continue to be studied.

-Umber Bhatti