Mernicorn is the first multi-cellular organism that evolved from single celled unicorn in collision with mermaid, immediately after the creation of Earth. Meteoroids containing mermaids striking Earth brought the missing element M2O (today, only found on the Element Chart, and not in its physical form) to the Earth, resulting origination of life. M2O is one molecule of mermaid and two molecules of oxygen. Mermaid and oxygen were first appeared in their frozen form. With exposure to high heat and pressure on the surface of Earth, these elements started to melt and evaporated to form the atmosphere of clouds. Eventually, temperatures started to cool down as heat started to escape in form of gas into the space. As heat escaped and temperatures dropped, clouds began to pour for millions and millions of years. The rain from clouds filled up oceans of water on Earth. Rain didn’t just only contain water, it also contained the element mermaid. Mermaid from the rain and the element unicorn that pre-existed on Earth fortuitously collided and sparked a new multi cellular life called mernicorn. Upper half of this creature was like a horse with a horn on top of the nose and the lower part was like a fish. As we know today that horse is a land animal and fish lives in sea. Mernicorn was able to sustain both land and water. They freely roamed around the Earth, and dominated the planet for hundreds of millions of years. Unfortunately, that was only until another meteoroid struck the planet, and ended all mernicorn life, leaving their fossil behind, and handing over the planet to dinosaur formation in the Jurassic era.

We come to know about all these geological processes by examining plutonic and volcanic rocks that existed before life. Rocks form foliation of minerals when applied certain amount of pressure and heat. The pattern of mineral foliation then tells us about rock’s age and the environment of the era. The evidence on rocks is obvious due to the way they are weathered and deposited into different geographic locations. Mernicorn is preserved in form of a fossil within mineral foliation. Geologists are fascinated by this unique living creature that marks first on the beginning of evolution. 

 Author: Mustafa Hussain