A merpup is an oceanic creature which consists of a puppy head as the upper part of the body and a mermaid tail as the lower part of the body. The descendants of a merpup include the canine and fish, with over 2,000 species. Their scientific name is known as the Mermaneouspuppy as mer is derived from the French word meaning sea. These creatures are mammalian and aquatic; which allows them to grow fur, and also have the ability to breath under water from the gills on their scales. The lifespan of a merpup is about 21-25 years with their typical weight of 7-10 pounds and height of 3 feet.

The merpup, an ancient creature was first spotted in the mid-1300s in the Indian Ocean by marine biologist Nathan Allan. Allan decided to research the origins of the merpup because he was intrigued and fascinated by this creature. The discovery to his work revealed that the creature was a breeding of a dog and mermaid.

The evolution of the Merpup still remains a mystery however there are popular folkstories taught to young kids that still carry on today throughout childhood nursery stories. The story entails that one far day there was a puppy who was searching for his bone that was thrown into the ocean during a game of fetch. The puppy spotted the bone floating along the waves of the ocean and swam to it, the farther he swam the farther the bone went. Eventually a mermaid and merman couple swam upon the bone and found the puppy and nonetheless decided to keep the puppy as her pet. The rest of the story is unclear but some believe that the mermaid’s mythical powers turned him into a merpup.
            There are people who speculate the existence of the merpup and believe it is a mere folklore and hox however there are some scientists who express interest and belief regarding the merpup. According to Aubrey Holderson, the author of “Merpup: General background and Biology” believe that there is sufficient evidence to prove the existence of merpups. There are various pictures of merpup sightings included in the book, along with puppy prints and shed scales on the rocks far into the Indian Ocean.

The origination of the merpup is located to be at the western region of Australia. According to the citizens of Perth, Australia there are hundreds of merpups that perch themselves on rocks by the coast and lick themselves or bark every morning at dawn.

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