A methane car is an automobile which is propelled by advance internal combustion engine (AICE), using methane energy stored in methane storage device. Methane cars became popular in the 21st century due to the advancement in technology, rising fuel prices, and advancement in renewable energy. Advancement of the internal combustion engine technology and mass production of renewable methane gas led to a decline in the use of gasoline power engine and electric drive cars. It was the energy crises of the 21st century that has brought a short lived interest in either hybrid and or electric cars, but in the mid 21st century , a renewed interest in the production of methane cars due to curb of greenhouse gas emissions, and a source of renewable energy. As of early 2011 only one car manufacture by the name Methica revolutionize the car industries with a series production models available in some countries with models such as the Estes, Tao, Gasur, Ranning, and the Fola.

Methane cars Advance internal combustion engine (AICE), have several potential benefits as to compared to hybrid and Electric automobile that include significant reduction of urban air pollution, and reduced green house gas. Methane advance internal combustion engine (AICE) uses the methane gas to charge its methane storage device, and less dependence on foreign oil, which emerging and developed countries is cause of concerns about the supply disruptions and price shocks.