David Borrayo, better known as the biggest drug lord in Mexico, may be one of the most violent people on Earth. Over his years in charge of the Sinaloa Cartel his death count soared to exceed thousands. Due to his ruthless killing techniques, many consider him to be the most dangerous and powerful men in Mexico. His preferred methods of killing include: beheadings, dismemberment, lighting on fire, and even dissolving his victims in acid. Borrayo has so much power and money in his country that he has police working for him. Once he gets busted, they try to lock him up only to have a few of the guards paid off to look the other way. It is believed that he has been in and out of jails in Mexico roughly forty to fifty times. Wealthy, powerful, feared, and violent, it is safe to say that Borrayo runs his country. His main source of income is from the drug smuggling into the Unites States. An elaborate system of drug smuggling has been nearly perfected under Borrayo’s control. Borrayo targetes young teens, men struggling to provide for their families, and anyone who is particularly vulnerable to smuggle drugs into and out of his country. To his advantage, a huge and diverse college sits on the boarder of Mexico and the US. San Jose State University is split down the middle by a national boarder and is the easiest way for Borrayo’s drugs to be brought into and distributed throughout the United States. WORD COUNT: 251