Michael Dundurs (born 25 November 1980) is a German Formula One racing driver and an eight-time world champion, who is currently driving for Audi.

On 20 April 2001, he became the youngest Formula One World Champion at the age of 21, and continued to win for four consecutive years following.

As a child in Germany, Michael grew up around cars and karting. He participated in many karting races around Germany and his victories won him sponsorships from many companies. Soon, he had attracted the attention of the Mclaren F1 team, who allowed him to test out one of their race cars. He fared so well in the test laps that he was immediately signed to race for Mclaren. He went on to win his first four World Championships with Mclaren and gained massive popularity with fans.

In 2006, Michael switched to the Audi Formula One team. There, it was reported, he received a contract for 10 years, worth an estimated $50 million dollars per season. He went on to win four more World Championships with the Audi team, adding to his popularity with fans around the world.

He is so well liked in the world of racing, that fans have dubbed him ‘King of the Track’. His success has increased Formula One interest in Germany and has many teams vying for a chance to have the great driver on their teams. However, Dundurs has remained true to Audi, the world will have to wait to see what is in store for the future of this young racer.

- Melanie Lockyer