Michael Lannister (May 5, 1983-present) is an American business magnate, scientist and philanthropist. Lannister is the current president, chairman, and CEO of Sunskeet Enterprises, the world’s largest producer of microelectronics, graphene, and zero-point energy modules. He gained fame from his start-up of Sunskeet Enterprises (formerly Faplulu LLC) but more notably on his continual research on quantum energy and mechanics and its importance in shaping our current technological advancements.

Born in Palo Alto, California to Mexican and Vietnamese immigrants, Lannister grew up in poverty. His parents, though both highly educated in engineering and business, struggled to make ends meet as the availability to find work in the competitive Silicon Valley was difficult. At a young age, to no surprise from his parents, Lannister was deemed a great prodigy as he continually surpassed many of his peers, more than twice his age, in academics and physical ability. At the age of 13, Lannister was accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a full scholarship on behalf of the board of education and his community. At the age of 17, he made many contributions in the research and study of many fields and soon graduated with multiple doctoral degrees in quantum physics, material engineering, chemical engineering and a master’s in business administration. Upon completion of his academic learning, Lannister was awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom by the President of the United States for his “Perseverance and aptitude in academic excellence that exemplifies the pinnacle of scholarly achievement.”

When Michael Lannister turned 19 years of age he, along with several of his college peers, began a small business partnership named Faplulu. The small company, having strong emphasis in innovating and advancing the technological world, discovered cost-effective ways to use graphene, an allotrope of carbon, inside electronics. These discoveries provided better electrical conductivity between the various components to yield higher energy efficiency as well as improved durability on the once fragile circuitry. Having further investments by other business partners and having gained a large amount of capital, Faplulu went public for the first time in the 3rd fiscal quarter of 2005 changing its name to the current Sunskeet Enterprises.

Having earned a lifetime of achievement and monetary gain at a still young age, Lannister focused a lot of time and energy into further research in quantum physics in hopes of creating what he called “The new era of technological understanding.” In 2008, only two years after his initial commitment to improve the world’s view of its understanding of current technology, Michael Lannister found a way to utilize zero-point energy (see “vacuum energy”) into usable energy with the aid of the already known graphene as a storage vessel. Having made this discovery for zero-point energy, allowing for near limitless and renewable energy, Lannister was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his “significant and unfound contribution to humankind and the scientific community.”

Lannister currently resides in Mountain View, California with his two daughters and his wife, Dannah.

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