Michael P. MacDaddy the 3rd, was born on Saint Patrick’s Day March 17, 1969,and ever since then has been the life of the party in professional golf.  Michael P. MacDaddy the 3rd is from the Irish ethnicity, but born in the United States. He grew up on a large farm in the state of Texas, and began developing his golf skills there at the young age of ten. His father helped him create his own private 9-hole golf course with the abundance of excess farmland he had available to use. By the age of 16 Michael was competing in amateur golf tournaments throughout the state of Texas regularly. At age19 he successfully placed first in the East Texas Amateur tournament at The Cascades golf course. After winning the East Texas Amateur golf tournament Michael was sponsored Nike, and was acknowledged as professional golfer. Only a few years later Michael, at the age of 21, was competing in the National PGA tournament and placed 2nd overall. It was not until Michael P. Macdady the 3rd was 44 years old that he placed 1st overall, and won the PGA tournament in 2013 by absolutely destroying Tiger Woods. Mr. MacDaddy is now retired from golf and lives in his Beverly Hills mansion with his wife, Jennifer Aniston, and daughter. Although he is now retired from golf Michael has been taking up an acting career in Hollywood. It is rumored that the MacDaddy himself will be co-directing, and staring in a remake of Happy Gilmore with Seth Rogan in the year of 2020.