On September 4th, 1988 a boy was born named Michael Vincent Lolling in a hospital in the Santa Clara Valley. On the day of his birth some people say that the clouds opened up and let the sun light come through but Michael was born at around 4 o clock in the morning. That incident is impossible and not even thought of but there are many other legends and stories that swirl around the name of Michael Vincent Lolling. These are some of the truths that we one truth that we know about Michael is that he won an Oscar for the lie he told to his girlfriend when she didn’t look fat in that dress. Another truth that we know about is that he has four different degrees from different colleges first an engineering degree from Stanford, another from Harvard Law School, Biology degree from Yale, and a Physics degree from MIT. Just in his short life Michael Vincent Lolling has done so much already and seems not being able to stop.