Michelle Whitley (born August 29th, 1987) is a British businesswoman. She is the founder and former CEO of Troi, a cosmetics and skincare company located in Newcastle, Great Britain.


Whitley was born in Yorkshire, Great Britain and is an only child to parents Roger Whitley and Mary Sansfield. She debuted her makeup career by creating a YouTube channel in April 2009, where she regularly posts makeup tutorials. Her channel, Whitley's Secrets, currently has 2.5 million followers with each video averaging 567,000 views.

Troi CosmeticsEdit

In July 2011, Whitley began announcing publicly through her YouTube channel that she would be releasing an exclusive cosmetics line called Troi Cosmetics. Troi Cosmetics was released in Selfridge's beginning in December 2011, with a contract to maintain a full cosmetics counter through December 2013. Whitley notes that her cosmetics company alludes to Counsellor Deanna Troi, a character on the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Troi Cosmetics currently has seven shades of lipsticks (Adore, Flippant, Seismic, Ruby, Opal, Rarity, and Elemental), four shades of lip glosses (Transluscent, Crystal, Bashful, and Naked), and there are plans to release a full foundation line with fourteen oxidizing colors.


Whitley has received some criticism for being an avid pescatarian but has not made any comments on changing her cosmetics line to be vegan. She has mentioned making an agreement with the Farm Life non-profit organization, which partners corporations with communities in Thailand that use all-natural soy-based products from organic farming methods. Whitley's channel has received various inflammatory comments from angry subscribers, claiming that her cosmetics line has not made motions toward fulfilling those promises with the Farm Life organization.