Mickey Mouse is an American icon created by the well known cartoonist, Walt Disney. In early April 1928, Walt and his brother (and partner) Roy Disney were scouting for new ideas to make a memorable mark in the cartoon industry. Working in a garage in Buena Vista, they worked day and night on creating a character that can be seen enjoyable to watch by all children and even adults. By the beginning of summer, they’ve rejected several ideas on what this character may be, some of them consisting of a cow, frog, and pig. However, the idea of a cat character becoming their star was highly acceptable, but only for a moment. This idea was soon rejected when further research revealed that Felix the Cat was rising into fame. Still seeking for ideas, Walt then suggested doing a cartoon on a cat’s natural enemy, a mouse. Once this idea was shared, Walt and Roy went straight to work drawing up sketches on how this mouse would look. Walt’s imagination began to spread like a flame, and by the end of August he successfully got his image down with a few names in mind, Marty Mouse and Maxy Mouse. After mentioning his ideas with Roy, he immediately rejected the names and convinced Walt to brainstorm again. Struggling and stressing about his cartoon, his wife Lilian then recommended the name Mickey Mouse. At this time, the official character of Mickey mouse was officially born and soon became a cartoon known world wide.    Micaela A. COMM100W T/Th 7:30am