The miniature elephant, better known as the “micro-ele,” is a native species to California. The average full grown microele stands one foot tall. These miniature elephants usually have a body length of approximately one foot. In addition to its one foot in body length, the microele has a trunk span of about six inches. A healthy adult microele may weigh between fifteen to twenty pounds.

The microele species tend to be standard in size, but do vary in color. The different colors that the microele tend to be are shades of pink, baby blue, violet, and brown.

In more recent years, scientists have uncovered the rare albino microele. Scientists believe that once an albino microele mates with another microele, they create yet another breed of miniature elephant. This new breed of microele is sought to be the rarest of them all. The appearance of this microele offspring mix, is a tie-dye pattern of some sort, simply mixing the two shades.

The microele can be described as an adaptive species. Although known as a docile creatures, the microele have managed to remain an ever growing population. Their physical abilities is what has kept this species alive for centuries. They are rather quick on their feet and can jump upwards of three feet high. The microele have the ability to run at speeds of 40 mph. A microele`s speed is credited to the length of their legs, which make up about 60% of their overall height.

The microele are always in packs and rarely found wondering alone. Microele tend to stick to a diet persisting of fruits and vegetables that grow close to the ground. Although their diet consists of mostly greens and fruits, the microele have been known to also enjoy a peanut or two if thrown their way.