Mighty Might Nutrition and XTreme7

Mighty Might Nutrition is a leading dietary supplement manufacturer that specializes in weight-loss products and lean muscle building protein drinks. Mighty Might Nutrition, or MMN, was originally founded in Los Angeles, California and hit the consumer market in 2009 with various herbal remedies for the common cold, a wheybolic protein drink for athletes, and a weight-loss drink called “LoseItNow” that served as a meal replacement supplement.

At the annual 2013 Arnold Expo in San Diego, Mighty Might Nutrition revealed that its newest product conceptualization would revolutionize weight-loss products as never done before. Company President Dr. Newt Hitower introduced the product “Xtreme7,” a weight-loss pill which Hitower promised would work a “weight-loss miracle” those in need “of a quick fix.”

Hitower cited a secret revolutionary formula, created by top scientists in the field of biology and chemistry, for being able to safely evaporate 10-20% of a person’s natural bodyweight without causing any harm to the physiology of the consumer. The tablet would need to be taken every seven days for optimal results. Hitower declined media request to reveal the secret formula, and instead promised to reveal the formula at Xtreme7’s expected release date of August 2014.

Following the Arnold Expo, many rumors began to circulate on fitness websites that the secret formula carefully guarded by Mighty Might Nutrition  utilized a complicated chemistry equation that when introduced to a person’s body fat via tablet, would force fat cells to “fight off” other fat cells, causing a dramatic reduction of body weight caused from fat. Meanwhile, natural herbs and vitamins would sustain the body, keeping it in a high metabolic/anabolic state, even during the nighttime when a person enters a catabolic state.

The Food and Drug Administration released a statement on its website following the 2013 Arnold Expo and the revealing of the XTreme7 product concept. The FDA panned the Expo display by MMN, claiming it “irresponsible” to tease a miracle product without revealing the nutritional elements that it is comprised of. The FDA suggested to readers that people serious about safely reducing body fat consider crafting an individualized diet plan with their physician while exercising three times a week for at least thirty minutes a day.

Timothy Quiery