The name “Mike’s Secret Stuff” derives from former professional basketball player Michael Jordan. Many sources such as the National Basketball Association (NBA) assert that he is the greatest basketball player known to the sport. The Toon Squad was able to draft Michael onto their basketball team for their game against the Monstars. Mike’s Secret Stuff was solely created by Bugs Bunny to inspire the Toon Squad from their detrimental first half of the basketball game. Michael’s Secret Stuff is purely made from H20 and a plethora of it can be found in any sink with running water. Side effects include: a boost of confidence, hydration, and sometimes an inflammation of the muscles.

Researchers and scientists from Stanford University claim that Michael’s Secret Stuff is an example of the placebo effect. An eyewitness by the name of Daffy Duck describes Bugs Bunny’s transformation as miraculous. Daffy Duck examines Bugs Bunny and responds, “Nice, Deltoids!” Mike’s Secret stuff was proven to be a success after the Toon Squad phenomenally defeated the Monstars: 78-77.  A number of studies indicate that Michael’s Secret Stuff has only been able to work when Michael Jordan is present. A recent study in 2000 reported that an elementary school basketball team tried re-creating “Mike’s Secret Stuff,” but it was not the same as Bugs Bunny’s. The ending results for this basketball team were leg cramps and a case of the hiccups. As many will try to develop Michael’s Secret Stuff domestically, it is quite impossible to duplicate this powerful mixture. 

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