Topic: Mila the Cat

Mila is a grey little cat with a mixture of white stripes and spots throughout her fur. This 4-month-old kitten was adopted from Pet Smart at only 8 weeks old by the most loving couple. She loves roaming around outside and adventuring her new neighborhood, as well as playing and receiving love and cuddles. At night, she gets her most playful. This is when she starts running around the house like crazy and attacking anything in her sight. The dog of the house tends to bother her quite often when she is trying to nap in the sun, but sometimes she engages in the playful activities with him and bites at his mouth or his tail. The couple also has 4 chickens, which she investigates and sometimes chases around the back yard. Her love for her owners is tremendous and she is a very loyal pet. At first, they were nervous to let her adventure outside their home since she was so small and young, but once they saw her bravery they knew she would be okay. No matter how far she roams, or how long she spends out, she always returns back to their home and cuddles right up alongside them. She also is very vocal with her meows and purrs to let them know when she may be hungry, want attention, or is content with their actions. The only downfall to her is that sometimes when her litter box becomes dirty she will end up urinating in the dirty clothes hamper or on a towel which makes her feel safe to use the restroom on.

Kayla Hamro

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