Mimi Sue

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Mimi Sue (born February 21, 1990) is famously known around the world as “The Girl Who Knows Everything.” Mimi Sue is said to know everything about anything. She knows it all and is currently being praised all over the world for discovering the cure for cancer. Mimi Sue has also been frowned upon for publicly announcing that the world will officially end at approximately 12:01 am on January 1, 2012 after it is abruptly attacked by gummy bears from space.

Mimi Sue was a unique child and never really bothered to make friends growing up because she was smarter than everyone around her and thought she was better than all of her classmates. Mimi Sue began school at the age of 5 and graduated high school by age 6. She was then sent to a science lab in San Jose, California to be studied by the top scientists around the world. As soon as scientists proceeded to begin research on such a fascinating child, they had to end any further research because Mimi Sue already knew why she knew everything and told scientists her diagnosis. Apparently, Mimi Sue was born with a brain that had already developed with all the information in the world. Mimi Sue enrolled at San Jose State University at age 10 and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in every major by the time she was 15.

People from all over the world travel to visit Mimi Sue in San Jose, California and ask her any and every question they have ever thought of in their entire lives. Currently Mimi Sue lives in her own island, purchased from funds she acquired for discovering cancer. She does not do much because she already knows everything and does not need to waste her time in school or working.

By Fabiola Martinez (SJSU Student)