A Minalo is a four-legged, carnivorous mammal in the tiger family. However, it is much longer than lions, and average Minalo can grow to be 8 to 9 feet long. They are dark brown in color with a short, soft fur. Minalos have faces and bodies very similar to Panthers with dark piercing eyes. A Minalo has long, sharp teeth for hunting along with claws that are an inch in length. What truly sets a Minalo apart from the average tiger is the size and the tail. The tail can grow up to five feet long, and the tip contains rock like spikes. Males have anywhere from 6-10 spikes, whereas females have only 5. A Minalo uses its tail when in battle and while hunting it’s prey. Minalos make for fierce predators moving fast, up to 45 mph, quietly and mysteriously.

There is no evidence pertaining to a method in which a Minalo chooses it’s mate. A typical Minalo would have at most 3 cubs. However, they do not travel in packs, the male Minalo hunts and cares for his family, but does so alone. If there were more than one male Minalo at a time, hunting them would be virtually impossible. They were hunted for their tails to be used as weaponry. The Minalo originated in South America and some were found in Africa in the late 1940’s. Now there are some occasionally seen existing in Brazil; however, their mysterious nature makes them difficult to follow and study.