Minjee Kim, A Korean Celebrity

Minjee Kim was a Korean actress. She was well-known for action movies in Korea. Kim was born in 1899 in Seoul, Korea. She dreamed to be an actress when she was young. She watched an action movie and got impressed by excellent action skills of the hero. Kim found that an actress could also play the role of a heroine as well as an actor although actors usually played the lead role in action hero movies. She often imitated the skills she saw in action hero movies. When she turned 16 years old, her parents allowed her to become an actress. She entered Korean Movie Stars’ Dream (KMSD), a film school in Seoul. With her passion and aptitude, she became was very soon known in the film school.

Before graduating, she got a call from Good Movie Korea (GMK), a great entertainment enterprise. GMK gave her a lot of praise when she demonstrated her action skills. She had opportunities to appear on many action movies. After graduating from KMSD, Kim became a famous action movie actress in Korea. A senior manager of CJ CGV, a big film production company in Korea, was impressed by her action skills when watching her movies. He thought he found the right actress for his new film. A great opportunity came again when GMK and CJ CGV signed a contract for a new film titled An Amazing Woman Will Save the Earth. Kim was selected. In An Amazing Woman Will Save the Earth, Kim presented diverse action skills which no other actress could do. Gaining amazing reviews from the audience, the movie has been increasingly embraced since it came out in 1936. An Amazing Woman Will Save the Earth marked an important milestone in Kim’s career. She passed away in 1981 due to a heart attack.