Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is a black mouse that wears a red dress with white polka dots. Her full name is Minerva Minnie, but is better known as Minnie Mouse. She was born in the year 1928, just like her boyfriend. She is the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse. Minnie is a very close friend of Daisy Duck. She has gained a reputation of being very funny and sweet to everyone. Furthermore, she is very intelligent and mature. She is known worldwide and has many fans from all around the world. In addition, she is a prominent figure at the Disney theme parks. Many of her fans travel to these theme parks in order to meet her. She was in many movies, shows and even video games.


Minnie Mouse enjoys going to the movies, dinner, traveling, and hanging out with her boyfriend Mickey. Some of her hobbies include gardening, shopping, dancing, and most importantly spending time with Mickey. She is always the looking out for others and would not do anything to harm anyone. Minnie is known for having that motherly side. In addition, she is very calm during chaotic situations. For this reason, she is the voice of reason in her group of friends. Of course, there are certain times where Minnie has gotten angry, but she has always had a good reason for it. For example, she tends to get a little frustrated when Mickey forgets about their dates, when some friends misbehave and or/scheme and when Daisy is has too much energy. She is very reliable and her friends know they can always count on her.


Minnie Mouse is usually seen wearing a red dress with white polka dots on it. She also has a large matching bow and high heel shoes. In order for her to stay fashionable, she wears white gloves. However, she does change her outfits from time to time depending on the role she is playing. She also has a pink dress with white polka dots and a blue dress with a pink bow and shoes. She has also switched things up by substituting her bow a hat with a flower.

Films she starred in

Minnie Mouse appeared in over 87 movies/shows. She appeared in about 73 shows with Mickey Mouse. Minnie Mouse finally got her own starring role on television in Totally Minnie in 1988. She first appeared in the short film Steamboat Willie in 1928.

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