Mlok the Ethlete

Ethlete: A highly skilled and professionally trained athlete in the electronic sports industry.  The Ethlete spends countless hours a day training his or her hand eye coordination for battle. Much like the Spartans of ancient Greece, Ethletes must train and hone their deadly skills of keyboard and mouse coordination. There are many different types of Ethletes. Like all other athletes, the Ethlete must choose which sport to dedicate their life to. The most elite are first person shooter ethletes from Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO); they are the Special Forces or navy SEALs of e-sports. From this game, there lives a legend his name is Mlok.

Mlok is the most feared ethlete in CSGO. From the early age of 7 years old, Mlok had a natural talent to the game. Mlok has won various Valve sponsored tournaments in Counter Strike Global Offensive. In 2014 Mlok was banned from all tournaments in CSGO, he was suspected of cheating. A research team out of San Jose State University conducted a study to test Mlok’s skill in hopes to lift the ban. The SJSU research team found that Mlok’s reaction time is less than half a second. He has a headshot percentage of 98.1% with rifles and 96% with the AWP. The SJSU team submitted the results of the tests to the Counter Strike authorities. After much deliberation, the CSGO authorities have decided to lift the ban on Mlok thanks to San Jose State.

No one knows what Mlok will do now that the ban has been lifted. Various CSGO teams have been trying to recruit Mlok to their teams. Some professionals believe Mlok is assembling a truly unique team in North America for future CSGO tournaments. Teams from all over the world are developing new strategies to fight against Mlok. The next tournament will be held in Oakland, it’s expected that this will be Mlok’s first appearance since the ban.