The Mocking Hole is a hole dug by college students to travel inbetween dorms and outside dumpster without using doors and windows. The purpose behind this was to avoid RA's and security knowledge when sneaking more than room capacity amount of people to and from rooms or for late night escapades. The infrastruce ranges from dirt holes in the ground to fully high end tunnels in bathrooms with dangling chandeliers. Generally, a membership is required to acquire knowledge of the existing mocking holes on campuses and a ticket system where you pay in advance good for one time use is implemented. At times, parties are conducted in the holes due to great sound and overall theme of the tunnel. EDC (electro dance concerts) are commonly held in the holes and the prices have been documented to reach as high as $500. The first DJ to have a concert in a mocking hole was DJ Tootie at Korty University. The number of attendees surpassed the maximum capacity of the hole and after people started to use cubbies (square boxes capable of fitting 150 people and stacked on top of another) during concerts to conserve space and fit more attendees in a small amount of space. (Frances Liu)